Monday, December 10, 2012

Looking for the perfect little dress that you can use for just about any situation? The My Own Way Candy Dress is sweet, sassy, chic, sexy and savvy all in one.  This fun little number is available is nine different styles and you are sure to find at least one that suits you to a tee.

The strapless detail of this Candy dress makes it great for showing off your favourite necklaces and earrings and is also great for long hair styles.  The Candy Style 1 Dress is a sleek black top with shimmery silver skirt which is great for that glam look and for a night out dancing and flirting.

A shirred and ruched skirt gives volume and texture to the Candy Dress and adds contrast to the streamlined top.  Classic black and white means Style 2 is perfect for that chic and sophistocated look, whether it be for day or night. 

I love the shading and creasing on the upper half of this dress.  It creates a realistic shape and natural lines.  The third style of the My Own Way Candy Dress is an artsy print that is great for a trendy or boho effect.  Great with eclectic jewellery pieces, this one makes a bold statement while maintaining simplicity.

The length of this dress is what makes it so versatile and it can easily be taken from day to night.  Skimming the middle of the thigh, this dress is sexy without being too revealing.  Style 4 contrasts a pure white top with a textured off white skirt flecked with pink, red and black dots. 

It's amazing what a change of colour can do.  The deep pinks and burgundies of the fifth in this series of Candy Dresses oozes femininity and sass.  As a lover of all things pink I adore the girly feel of this version of My Own Way's Dress.  While all the other dresses in this series are 89$L each this one is only 49$L!!! That's a steal!!!

The knit bodice and navy spotted skirt of the Candy Dress Style 6 reminds me of pure sweet charm, sailor chic and country cuteness all at once.  It just goes to reiterate how very versatile this little item is.

Seeing more spots with the seventh style, this time in deep reds with a black bodice.  This one is great with dark hair and lusty red lips.  I also love the way it shows off my neck, shoulders and decolletage.

Who doesn't love a little black dress? The detailed texture prevents this dress from becoming boring and is great for dressing up with accessories and fun hair.  Whether you want to go for sleek glam, dark artistic, or simple sexy, Candy Dress Style 8 has it all in classic black.

The ninth and final style of the My Own Way Candy Dress combines the black skirt with a white top freckled with pink, red and brown spots.  Great as a casual item as well as glam, it can be teamed with urban inspired items to create a street smart look.

No matter the style you are wanting to create, the My Own Way Candy Dress has something for you! As you have seen, this dress is so versatile it can be used to create a variety of looks, whether it be glam, sexy, classy, classic, trendy, boho, girly, sailor chic, artsy or urban. 

These dresses are all just 89$L each, apart from the pink Style 5 which is a mere 49$L.  The fatpack is also available for just 399$L with all nine styles included.  You can find all the versions of the Candy Dress as well as the fatpack at the My Own Way Mainstore via the following SLURL:
You can also check out the My Own Way Marketplace Store which has lots of great bargains and of course the Candy Dresses:
I have lots more to bring you from My Own Way in coming posts so stay tuned!

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