Sunday, January 6, 2013


When myself and my fellow UEMA students graduated last month we received a very generous 500$L VCB giftcard from VioletCrush Bravin.  Violet is of course the CEO of UEMA and also the owner and designer of the fantastic VCB Trendz, of which I am lucky enough to blog.

I had been having a bit of trouble making up my mind as to what to purchase with my bounty, until I was on the VCB Trendz Marketplace store, getting some links for a blog post.  That's when I saw this lovely Isabella Gown; I just knew it was for me! 

From the shiny satin upper bodice to the big swishy skirt, what's not to love about this gown? The wide sash through the middle of the gown in such a lovely touch and in midnight black, this classic is one to bring out again and again.

When I saw that this Isabella Gown was exactly 500$L and my gift card was for 500$L; well it had to be a sign, right? I first saw it on Marketplace and so can you:

Thankyou so much to the lovely VioletCrush Bravin, not only for this gorgeous gown but also for being a fantastic UEMA CEO and great blogging boss at VCB Trendz! Now I just have to find somewhere to wear this... ;)

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