Wednesday, January 9, 2013


One of the first castings I went to was for SL Fierce Magazine and I wore a cute little bodysuit with glittery hotpants.  For my UEMA Final recently I donned a gorgeous fuschia blazer.  Both of these items were from Hucci and there is a reason why I come back to this label time and time again.

Hucci takes classic clean-lined staples, combines them with key trend items and injects them with bright colour to achieve their signature casual chic look.

The combination of a slinky low-cut cross-over top with a pair of crisp shorts is just so very chic! This Hucci Bethany Shorts Ensemble is a great alternative to a mini-dress and can be great for anything from clubbing to brunch.  The shorts and top come together as one item and are available in seven different colour combinations.  I love how the black offsets the bright red in this Midnight and Corner Red version.  These sets are 325$L either instore at Hucci:

Or on The Hucci Marketplace store:

The awesome zebra print Uzza Printed Heels are also from Hucci and are only 295$L a pair.  Compared to similar heels elsewhere in Second Life, this is an absolute steal! Again you can grab these over at the Hucci Store:

Or on Marketplace:

As well as clothing and shoes, Hucci also have a huge range of cute purses and clutch bags.  I especially love this Creme de Cacao D'Ann Clutch.  The strapless soft leather style is so in vogue right now; I have a similar one in real life and love it to bits! To see it in twelve irresistible shades in store for 195$L each, get clicky with this:

You will find the Creme d Cacao D'Ann Clutch on Marketplace if you check out the following link (however here it is 225$L):

Here I am, back in my favourite Hucci Kalare Blazer in Wild Pink; don't you just love the name? I've told you before; pink is one of my favourite colours and this one is the perfect blend of bubblegum bliss and flamboyant fushcia.  This blazer is 265$L an you can find it in seven luscious shades, with open and closed variations, if you hop on over to Hucci:

And on Marketplace:

The Hucci V-bodysuit in Candy doubles as a great top and with its tropical juicy colours it's a great summer item.  This one costs a mere 75$L; I had some issues tracking it down in store but it won't get away that easily! Buy yours on MP today:

Another little bargain from Hucci is this Tai Spring Delight Skirt.  The bright yet muted coloured flowers mean this one will go with so many items in your wardrobe! Here it compliments the pinks and yellow in the rest of my outfit beautifully.  The Tai Skirt is available in fourteen different  printed and plain versions for just 195$L each.  If you are looking inworld, this link will take you to where you need to be:

If Marketplace is more your thing then look no further:

I don't know why but I just love this simply yet funky Silver Triangle Ring in Wild Pink.  I own some crazy an huge rings in RL and this is so similar to something I would wear to work! And that colour! Just makes it perfect to me.  There are a stack of these, in gold and silver settings, over at Hucci right now for 75$L each:

To get directly to this Wild Pink version on Marketplace, check out the following:

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I have an odd started with Real Life shoes...if I saw a really nice pair I'd...well I'd drool a little.  And this seems to have extended to second life shoes.  I don't know whether its that gorgeous fuschia colour, or the suede texture...there's a good chance those uber cool metal spikes have a lot to do with it.  What baffles me is that it's not like I can EAT the shoes; I've done the whole Pavlov's Dogs thing in psych 101, I get classical conditioning...but this is just weird.  Just a hint; when I'm around, plastic wrap your feet just in case.

These Uzza Pumps in Wild Pink are just 295$L a pair.  If you love them as much as I do then there is also a fatpack filled with lovely shades for just 1600$L.  To buy singly or as the fatpack, get on over to Hucci:

And as always you can find the Uzza Heels in Wild Pink on Marketplace also:

I hope you enjoyed this post on Hucci and can see why I love this brand so much! The bright and bold designs always brighten my day.

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