Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ever have one of those bizarre days that lead into something truly fantastic? Perhaps you just happened to be at a hotel when someone famous walked in, or maybe you entered a competition on a whim and forgot about it only to win first place.  Well I had one of those moments today.  And it all started with an IM from DejaVogue's Dolce Enderfield.
'Forgive me of my memory are on my list and I don't remember who you are.' We had been having a laugh in a well known model group's chat the previous week and had ended up adding each other as friends.  I jogged her memory and once again we got to chatting. Then she offered me a cat.  Which is all well and good.  But me being me I hesitated as I thought she may have meant a real life cat which could be quite expensive considering shipping and quarantine into Australia.  Turns out she meant these adorable KittyCats and she sent me two!

We continued to chat and as we did Dolce came up with a fantastic idea that unfortunately I have been sworn to secrecy on!! All I can say is that it involves something I am so very passionate about and her idea has soooo much potential! As we discussed the different aspects, she asked me to join DejaVogue as a model and staff member! It just goes to show that you never really know just where an opportunity may lead.

Dolce sent me the DejaVogue Landmark and I went to have a look.  I was interested to hear that this recently resurrected enterprise is not only a modeling agency.  DejaVogue has a lot in the works including a university for a range of subjects (including but not restricted to sl modeling), as well as many other exciting events that I am biting my tongue about! Marketing and promotions are Dolce's strong points and she is not afraid to aim high!

Here we have Ms Dolce Enderfield herself! As well as being the CEO of DejaVogue, Dolce is also manager of the Earthstones store, which is well known for its quality jewellery.  On top of that, Dolce is a real life college student! Honestly she wore me out just talking to her, but her passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

I came across Dejavogue's very own clique of cats which were, curiously enough, all named after the characters of Glee.  How cute are those little hats!
Although Dejavogue has only recently had extensive castings for new models, you can express your interest and find out about new exciting opportunities with this dynamic family by joining the DEJAVOGUE District inworld group.  Simply copy and paste the following into your inworld group chat and click on the link that appears:
And be sure to keep your eyes and ears open about the exciting undercover project that we have in the works.  I know many in the sl modeling and fashion world are going to love this idea and I just can't believe no one has come up with it before now! So be sure to stay tuned guys cause you know that as soon as I'm allowed to spill the details it will all be on here!

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