Friday, January 25, 2013


As far as Valentine's Day is concerned, I've always thought of lingerie as the ultimate gift.  For her it's a lovely gift of luxurious elegance.  For him, it's a sexy show of satin and lace interspersed with flashes of skin.  Luckily , Carrie's Lingerie are currently releasing a new special every day until February 14th, making finding the perfect gift this Valentine's Day easier than it's ever been.

One such release it this absolutely gorgeous Mandy Set, here in Black and Pink.  This set includes a lovely lace embroidered top, suspenders, sheer lace trimmed gloves and matching stay-ups, and a daring lace detail g-string.  I just love how perfectly everything in this set goes together!

The Mandy Set from Carrie's Lingerie is so sensuous that it even makes lounging around look sexy! As well as the Black and Pink version I am wearing here, Carrie's Lingerie has also released Mandy in Lilac and Pink as well as White and Pink, especially for Valentine's Day.  

This sweet and sexy Mandy Lingerie Set is now available instore at Carrie's Lingerie for 375$L especially for Valentine's Day.  You TP directly to these sets by clicking on the following SLURL:

You can also find the original Mandy Pastel and Mandy Dark sets instore, again for 375$L, right here:

The Mandy Pastel and Mandy Dark sets are also available on Marketplace (however the Valentine's Day special releases are not) and this link will get you to all the available sets:

Another fantastic thing about the Mandy Sets released for Valentine's Day is that you can also purchase the Lola Applicators for these! These shots show how different the lingerie can look with Lolas (above) and without (below).  The applicators for Lola Tangos can be purchased over at the Carrie's Lingerie store for a tiny 50$L per set:

For more information on how to get and set up your Lolas, refer to my previous post here:

Carrie's Lingerie is releasing a new special set every day until Valentine's Day.  As an extra special treat, these are 25% off for the day.  To keep up to date with each release and all the extra news at Carrie's, check out the official Carrie's Lingerie Blog right here:

And be sure to get on over to Carrie's Lingerie's inworld store! The Mandy set may be my fave of these special editions; but what's yours? Time to find out! This landmark will take you over to today's discounted special:

And I have to say; thankyou Carrie's Lingerie for making my Valentine's Day shopping so easy!