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We all have our little habits and addictions; Second Life itself can be an addiction ('nooooooooo', I can hear you all saying 'not me; I can quit anytime!') and I think for those of us in the fashion and modeling world,  that addiction can be even more prevalent.  Think about it: we don't want to miss castings or opportunities; it's first in best dressed; literally! Also there is the rush of getting that job, seeing your face in-store and the thought that someone somewhere on the other side of the world knows who your avi is...

So when I received this short story in-world from one of my readers I just had to share it with you all! I think we can all relate just a teeny bit to what Aely is saying here.

By Aely Witte

I’m first up on the runway. I’m always first.  Until some girl named Aardvark comes along Aely will always be the alpha of the model lineup.  I like it that way. I can’t wait to get out in the lights!  Last check… am I lined up straight? … graphics turned low? … god I wish I could see my Moodys for all this Fellini hiding my toes…Omg, don’t forget the runway lag! 
 “And now ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our first model, Miss Aely Witte!”

I take a first nervous stutter step and then I’m off through the curtain….God what a rush!

Did I enthrall the judges?  Champagne to be sipped  from my golden stilletoes? Well, I’ll tell you what happened later.  After all this is a tale about addiction, not winning or (ouchie) losing.  

Who am I? I’m a working SL model.  I submit one 512 x 512 head shot and one 1024 x 512 body shot to five castings and I usually get a call back to one of them. If do this enough, with luck, I usually get a job.  Sometimes a friend of a friend knows a guy who knows a guy who is producing a show or I’m just at the right place at the right time.   Actually, I’m kept pretty busy this way and I have won some nice titles. 

  I really read  all the fashion designer group ads that  pop up on my screen every 10 seconds and shop and shop for the “perfect” outfit.    I’m mostly broke.  I’m strangely tall among my SL “civilian” friends.

Why do I do this?  Because I really believe each day I’m getting better and I’m just hooked on the adrenaline high of the catwalk!  I just know one day I will be Miss World Virtual Face Of something or other! 

Although I've said I'm not in it for the fame (cause let's face it, I'm far from top model status!) I'm not immune to these feelings.   However I derive my rush from blogging...I see a new item and instead of thinking 'ooh that would go nice with my N-Cores' I think 'oooh I have to blog that!!' I love being the middle man (middle Kitty?) between designers and customers; to say what is wonderful about an item and how it makes me feel, to point out its unique features.  At university my favourite subject was English Literature and I have a love for words and writing.  Pairing this with my love for all things fashion (and an extremely addictive personality!) and we have a blogging addiction.  Let's call it Affective Blogging Compulsion Disorder, or ABCD.

As a sufferer of ABCD, I also read a lot of blogs.  I love hearing why other fashionistas love their Gizza Gowns or Bax Boots.  But there are so many bloggers out there and I've noticed a few things that I feel the need to point out here:

* Wow that dress looks great...but how much is it? And...where do I buy it? Leaving off the price and the SLURL/Marketplace link is a guaranteed turn off for me.  And if I were a designer giving you free items to blog I'd expect you to at least tell people how much it is and where you can get it!
* Is it a hunt item? Is it a new release? Am I going to TP over to the store only to find out it's part of a promotion on another sim? Please tell me a bit about the item; it is one of the reasons that if there is no SLURL attached I won't even bother; I'm not going to spend half an hour in a store with my area search showing nothing if the item isn't even there to start with.  
* Great picture...isn't that what FlickR is for? Some models take amazing pictures that I could never dream of having the talent to do and I often gaze longingly at these in FlickR.  However when I'm reading a blog I like something  Unfortunately it is also picture bloggers who often (not always) leave off prices and SLURL's.  Don't get me wrong; there are some great picture blogs out there, but there are few that have the amount of talent necessary to pull it off without words.
* Step by step instructions are great when you're making a cake, not so much when you are blogging.  A blog is more interesting when read like a magazine article or journal entry.  So 'I am wearing a Vero Modero Dress', or 'I am going to show you some pants from Ricielli', just doesn't have the interest factor that keeps me coming back for more.  What is great about the item? What made you go 'OMG I have to blog this or I'm going to die!'  Have some passion and you're readers will be clamouring to read more
* Wait..who are you? Sometimes I'll be reading a blog and think 'this is great; who wrote this?' and then I can't find your name! Not everyone reads your blog every post, so new people need to be able to see who you are.  I can't blog about how much I love your blog if I don't know who wrote your blog.  Blog.  Blog.
* If the item you are blogging comes in several different colours and styles, don't simply take photo after photo with the same pose, hair, makeup, background, etc and only change the colour.  If you have done a shot in green it's not hard for me to imagine the exact same photo with the item in blue.  When this happens I find myself asking; 'why am I looking at the same photo over and over?' and move to the next blog.  Having different versions of an item is a great chance to show off the item's features.  What is the back like? is there some detailing you want to show close up such as intricate lace work? 
* Most of all remember; a lot of people click on blog links by impulse.  If you don't grab their attention straight away, they're unlikely to read on.  And even less likely to come back.  Give your readers something to read and your designers something to grin about and your work as a blogger will always be a success!

The following is a list of sensational blogs that make me go back for more! Each is unique and has its own feel which is what a good blog is all about.  And they make me want to buy stuff!

* Juicy Bomb

* Strawberry Singh

* Fashion Addicted

* Fab Free - Fabulously Free in SL

* Madeleine Dollinger - The Blog

* Model Musings

* Simply Bea

* Morgane Batista's Blog

* Isodel's SL Blog

* La Bella Vita

You will notice that not all of these blogs have all the things I talked about; most are missing the prices, some SLURLs, some don't have a great deal of text; but they all go out of the way to be interesting and individual! 

Two final points I want to make; don't try to make your blog exactly like someone else's.  The reason you love someone else's work is because it is unique; by attempting to copy them you are taking something from them and it's just not fair.  It will also prevent you from finding your own true style.

Secondly, if you have an issue with someone, whether it be a designer or another model or an agency; there are right and wrong ways to go about blogging it.  I rarely bring negativity into my posts if I can help it, but occassionally (like this post, with my pet blogging hates) I feel the need to vent.  If this is the case keep it fair, speak the facts, don't get nasty! And if you are given an item to blog and you find something wrong with it, tell the designer.  Let him/her have the chance to fix it and he/she will be eternally grateful :D

Also if you too suffer from ABCD I'd love to hear from you.  Perhaps we can start a support group.  Then we can blog about it.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, send me an inworld notecard; I'm under Kitty Picadilly (katloader Resident) for any questions, comments, requests, anything! 

Adieu mes amis!

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