Thursday, January 24, 2013


You have to give it to Masoom; they are always involved in so many hunts throughout SL.  In fact, Masoom is participating in a massive FOUR new hunts this month! I'm lucky enought to share the prizes provided by this generous store with you all this post.  Pay close attention and I'll even give you a few hints on how to find these wonderful items.

This sweet Liza Dress is Masoom's contribution to the Bubbly Hearts Hunt.  With Valentine's Day swiftly approaching, this heart embellished number is the perfect romantic oufit.  I love the one-shoulder look and the skirt has a lovely and natural swishy effect.

The Bubbly Hearts Hunt started on January 20th and will be running all the way until February 20th, so you have plenty of time to scoop this one up.  Don't leave it too long though! Your clue for this one is to look for a pink heart.  Seems fitting! Just a note; this item will cost you 1$L; such a small price to pay!

For more information on the Bubbly Hearts Hunt, take a look at the following site.  The Aubin Chimo Hunts Page contains all the official information including sponsors and hunt items:

This pretty floral number is the Masoom Flower Power Dress and it is available as part of the Steampunk Meets Flowerpower Hunt.  Mixing prints is seriously in vogue right now,  but can be tricky.  With this dress, Masoom takes out all the hard work! The Steampunk Meets FlowerPower is a really fun and unique hunt; at each location you might get a steampunk item or a flowerpower item; and at some locations you will even get a mix of both!

You too can get your hands on this lovely Flowerpower Dress for FREE; simply get on over to Masoom and start searching for a flower (that's your hint guys!).  To see a full list of the contributing designers, a notecard (also containing hints and SLURLs) is available at the starting store at Bees Heaven:

This graceful Fairy Pose 2 is yet another Hunt item from Masoom, this time as part of the Tattered Fairy Hunt.  This hunt finishes at the end of the month (January 31st), so hurry up and get over to Masoom before you miss out! This one is also 100% FREE.  You can see all the vendor contributions for the Tattered Fairy Hunt on the following website:

Two more hunt items! These tattoos are from two different hunts; the balloons on my belly are part of the Up, Up and Away Hunt that runs until the end of the month (January 31st).  For just 1$L this one can be yours; just look instore at Masoom for a yellow balloon.  For more information on the Up, Up and Away Hunt, including hints and SLURL's, check out the official webpage right here:

Another tattoo is the 'You Live Here' tattoo that is FREE as part of the Pimp My Valentine Hunt. This hunt started on the 15th January and will be running all the way until the 15th February.  A notecard containing all the contributing stores' SLURLs is available at the start of the hunt, which is at the following location:

This notecard also contains the hunt rules and a prize preview.  You can also pick up the hunt 'pill HUD' which has hints for each location; rather innovative really!

I wore this cute and sexy Masoom Corset Dress in Sea Blue with both of these funky tattoos.  You can find the corset dress instore at Masoom for 150$L by clicking on the following SLURL:

You will find all of the fun and fantastic hunt items mentioned in this post over at Masoom, so click on the following landmark and start hunting!!

Everyone loves a good hunt, and thanks to Masoom you now have four to keep you busy!! 

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