Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seems everywhere you look these days, tribal inspired designs and animal prints are popping up.  Exotic prints in earthy tones make for some lovely dresses while tiger, giraffe and leopard prints always inspire the sexy and daring side!
Two Sisters Treasures are leading the way with these trends, and from floaty African dresses to snug fur lined jackets there's something to keep you on the fashion forefront no matter where you are in the world!

For me, in Australia and dealing with the intense heat, these fabulous breezy dresses are a dream!

The Mudiwa Dress from Two Sisters is the epitome of African Chic, combining a relaxed fit, tribal inspired print with animal accents.  The matching turban is a great touch and what makes this outfit stand out in the crowd.  The dress and turban come together and can be found instore at Two Sisters for 199$L:

The Mudiwa Jewellery Set was created especially for this outfit and combines the same vibrant prints and animal accents.  I love that each piece is so individual yet goes so well with the other parts of the outift to create a wonderfully cohesive whole.  In the set there are the earring and necklace I am wearing above as well as bangles and rings.  Each of these sells separately for 99$L and if you jump on the following LM you'll find yourself right in front of them:

As well as the Mudiwa style, this exotic number is also available in the Mandarin Moon style (above) as well as a Kenya version.  Each again comes with its own turban and matching jewellery is available.  I love the mossy tones infused with golds and rusted brown in this version and the print is amazing.  Again you can find this dress over at Two Sisters for 199$L:

I love how the patterns and colours of the Mandarin Moon Dress have been repeated in the intricate detailing of the Mandarin Moon Jewellery.  Again there are rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in this set, each retailing at 99$L and yours for the taking:

Myself and fellow Two Sisters Model Anjolique were recently lucky enough to pose for an advertisement for Two Sisters that is going to appear in none other than AVENUE Magazine! Being an AVENUE Academy student and avid reader of this esteemed magazine, I was so excited for this shoot! We got to wear some awesome new releases from TST that are great for unleashing your inner animal.

Anjolique looked amazing in this Giraffe Jacket set! The chic yet playful print is edged with rock chick leather.  A pretty ruffled mini skirt keeps this look girly an fun.  The hat is a cute touch and comes as part of the set.  You can find this set in a variety of wild prints instore at the massive Two Sisters Store:

I donned the tiger striped Mandarin version for this shoot.  The snuggly coat is the perfect comfort item with a touch sophistocated flair.  To see the other great styles this 199$L outfit comes in or to snavel this one up for yourself this link will take you directly to the items:

 As I mentioned, these lovely sets come in a variety of prints and right now you can grab these Mandarin Red versions for just 55$L each.  They have a lovely ornate pattern which features the Eiffel Tower and are just fabulous! They won't be this price forever so don't miss out! This SLURL will take you directly to both sets:

Here you can see the awesome Eiffel Tower Print on this Mandarin Red Jacket Set.  Again it is just 55$L for a limited time:

For all of the shots using these two sets, Anjolique and I wore the delicate jewelled Jamie Sets.  The sets come in red, green, amber, pink and topaz.  The rings, bracelets and earrings are each 150$L while the necklaces are 200$L each.  To find the right one for you have a look at them instore:

One last wild and wonderful outfit comes in the form of this sassy Two Sisters Leopardess Set.  Skintight silver leopard print pants are teamed with a graphic lion print top with spaghetti straps.  This one inspired my wild street side! There are three versions available for 149$L each but this was my fave!

This Leopard Blues Diamond Jewellery Set was designed for the blue version of the outfit but I liked it just fine with this one! There are three jewellery sets for the three respective outfits, each with earrings (99$L), a choker (99$L) and bangles (99$L).  This tp will take to where you need to be for all three:

I hoped you enjoyed this walk on the wild side! As always Two Sisters Treasures has soooo much in store and an insane number of specials! Lots of great group gifts at tne moment too and in case you didn't know, TST also has a menswear section.  Fabulous designer GeorgiaStar Chau has also been slaving away at some sensational furniture! Is there anything she can't make?? Get on over to the inworld store as soon as you get the chance:

And if shopping on Marketplace is more to your taste than jump on this one:

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