Sunday, January 6, 2013


There are some people who love the rain; they love snuggling in bed, listening to it beat softly on the window...

I am not one of these people.  I realise that realistically, it must rain some time.  I wish this would happen when I am asleep.  Being a perpetual pedestrian (that is; I don't drive) the rain is my enemy.  People who hate the wind confuse me; you get caught in the wind for ten minutes before work, you can brush your hair, take a deep breath and get on with it.  Get stuck in the rain for ten minutes and you deal with wet socks all day.  Eewwwwww.

If there's one thing that can make up for a rainy day it has to be the perfect water-proof coat.  I found mine at My Own Way and I think you'll agree it's super snug with a hint of urban sass.  And just to cap it off I have some awesome jeans that will change the way you think about this closet staple! 

The My Own Way Inflated Jacket combines all the comforts of a puffer jacket and adds a hint of pastel rainbow colour.  There are three versions of the Linned Style, including this Green one above, as well as plain colour-block versions.  The splash of colour makes this jacket great for teaming with plain casual pants, or, like me, you can go all out! I LOVE these My Own Way Psychedelic Jeans! I swear colours this bright can cause hyperactivity in Shopaholics.  Cool colour, graphic print, skinny leg: so very now.  

The Orange Linned Inflated Jacket is a touch more subdued with its grey blue and pastel orange stripes.  However I feel oh so snug and serene and safe from those nasty storm clouds. These Ripped Clear Jeans are from the same line as the Psychedelic ones I showed you before; hard to believe huh??? Great detail and the whole distressed denim thing is still going strong.  You'll be wearing these jeans well into the next season.

Well, thought I had better grab my brolly (is that just an Aussie word? If so it means umbrella hehe) cause it looks like it's about to rain again! As fantastic as this Linned Pink Inflated Jacket is, it isn't going to keep my socks from getting wet - ick! And these StreetB Jeans may look fantastic but they are far from waterproof! Love those spots though!!

You can find all three versions of the Linned Inflated Jacket instore at My Own Way today.  They cost 110$L when purchased separately but you can save yourself a whopping 131$L and get all three in the one pack for 199$L!! You can find both the separate and fatpack jackets right here:
You can also find all of the M.o.w. Inflated Jackets on Marketplace by giving this link a bit of clicky action:

All three vastly different jeans are also available instore at My Own Way.  Each pair is 99$L and there are an additional seven versions to drool over! Head on over and I'll get the wet floor signs ready:
If you'd rather avoid the drool puddles these awesome jeans are also on Marketplace:
Psychedelic Jeans:
Clear ripped jeans:
StreetB Jeans:

Well it was Dolly Parton who said if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain, and for these rainbow hued jackets and fun jeans, I guess I can...just this once ;) 

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