Monday, January 14, 2013


Is it just me or is there something just too sexy about a pair of stiletto ankle boots?  The tall skinny heel, the way they show off and shape the calves, the buckles and leather...  Sure; I love a classic pair of pumps, and knee-high boots always make a statement; but there is something just so sassy about the perfect pair of ankle boots.

I love the gorgeous gowns that Glitterati is famous for, but perhaps you didn't know that Sapphire Teebrook also creates footwear for this fantastic label.  These Kate Snake Leather Boots are divinely detailed, and if you're a shoe fetishist like so many of us are, tie your napkins around your neck and be prepared to drool.

Classic black never looked so good! The snakeskin textured heel and bright buckle absolutely make these boots.  Smooth supple leather shines softly and despite that higher than heaven heel, these boots look so comfortable!

I love the marbled effect of the leather in the Black and Gold version of the Kate Boots.  The key feature of these is definitely the gold heel; it makes them stand out as truly unique.  These are such sophistocated boots, and we could expect no less from one of Second Life's most reknowned gown designers.  

The depth of colour and sensational texturing makes the Kate Boots in Dark Brown my Pick of the Kitty Litter for this post.  Hints of gold and silver add lustre and contrast so well with the heel an buckle straps.

Red souls scream sexy attitude with the Muted Gold variation of these Glitterati Boots.  This angle is great for showing off that snakeskin heel that compliments the golden marble body so well.  I can't help but admire how well Sapphire has applied the light to the leather; so realistic! 

This boots would look great with classic and clean neutral pieces; beige slacks, trench coats and knit cardigans.  As sexy as they are; they are also classic and chic, especially in this tan version.

 By combining sassy features such as a stiletto heel an strappy detail with classic neutral colours with a marbled metallic twist, Glitterati really have created the ultimate pair of ankle boots.  With these six versions available, you are bound to find at least one pair that you won't want to take off!

The Kate Snake Leather Boots can be found at Glitterati's extensive inworld store and to save you hunting around, the followind SLURL will take you directly to these lovely shoes.  For a tiny 99$L you can have your choice of any of these boots but if you can't make up your mind, the 450$L fatpack containing all six pairs will be sure to satisfy your needs!

Glitterati has a huge selection of shoes instore as well as makeup, jewellery, minidresses, an of  course the amazing gowns for which the label is famous.  If you become part of the Glitterati in world group you will also have access to one of the biggest freebie walls I have ever come across! To join the Glitterati group which will cost you a mere 50$L, copy and paste the following into your local chat and start:

Then just hop on the following link and start getting clicky with this amazing freebie wall!

I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day lounging around in my heels and underwear because hey; it's Second Life, and I can! You'll be hearing from me soon xx.

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