Sunday, January 13, 2013


I recently did some print work for a very talented and truly lovely shape creator and photographer by the name of Catriona Dagger.  Cat has been creating shapes for quite some time and has decided to  rebadge her shapes under the new label Scandelicous.

I managed to sneak a snap of Cat while she wasn't looking hehe.  Seeing this reminds me; I have GOT to find out where she got that lipstick! 

This Anastacia Shape is so pretty! Isn't this just the cutest nose? And I love the shape of the chin.  Catriona makes such amazing shapes, she really is so very talented!

I had never modeled shapes before and I have to admit it was quite a challenge! But I really enjoyed myself and working for Cat is just a dream; she constantly had me laughing and chatting (and you know how I'm usually such a shy retiring wallflower haha).  

I especaially had fun styling and modeling this Christy shape, I think because it was so different to my usual shape.  I thought that a fuller figure shape would be more challenging, and in some ways it was, but I really got on a roll and had heaps of fun.

These shapes, and more are available now on Scandelicous's Marketplace Store, which you can access via the following link:

Cat has also started her own blog which I really enjoyed looking at and reading earlier today.  She's managed to get the right balance of awesome pictures and entertaining text and I just know I'm going to be checking her posts regularly.  You will find her blog here via the following link:

You will also see that I have added the link to her blog on the left of the screen under my blog list , for future reference.

I'm going to be working a lot more with Cat in the future and am so delighted to have met such a friendly and talented woman.  You'll hear from me again soon guys!

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