Friday, January 4, 2013

Maybe you've heard the name or perhaps you've seen the orange voting boards dotted in stores throughout Second Life.  But...what exactly IS Fashioncentric?
Fashioncentric lists the top stores from a range of genres including skins, AOs, menswear, hair and of course women's fashion.  What's great and unique about Fashioncentric, however, is that it relies on consumers to decide who the top stores are and then combines the locations and information in specialised ways.  The most unique is perhaps the easy to use Tour HUD; no longer do you have to search around for the best hair or hottest clothing trends.  Fashioncentric has literally taken all the hard work out of shopping and left only the best bits.

Attaching this free HUD will bring a fashioncentric icon up on your display (as below).  By clicking on this, a blue pop-up box will appear with loads of different options for finding more than you could ever want in the world of SL shopping and fashion.  The HUD also connects to the Maps feature of your viewer, so when you find where you want to go, it's all just one click away.

The actual HUD as it appears itself on your screen is small and unobtrusive.  Click on the main logo part (here I am on one of my faves, Purple Moon) and the dialogue box (below) will appear.  The hand pointers enable you to skip to the next or previous option if the one generated doesn't suit your taste.  The stars allow you to give your rating for each store and thus contribute to the fantastic purpose Fashioncentric serves.

As you can see from this dialogue box, the Tour HUD has many functions.  'Category' allows you to search for stores through distinct categories such as hair, skins, etc.  You can also search according to rating, or have random results for a bit of fun.  The Tour Bus feature will keep you on your toes as random destinations for sensational shopping pop up every five minutes.  There is even a shortcut to the website in case you need more information!

You can grab this nifty Tour HUD, free of charge, either on Marketplace:
Or by dropping by Fashioncentric's Inworld location:
Fashioncentric have a whole host of other tools and hints to make finding the hottest items in Second Life a breeze.  The inworld group enables designers to share special sales, promotions and new items as well as events with bargain hungry Fashionistas.  While it is not necessary to join the inworld group in order to enjoy all the benefits of the Tour HUD or website, the group provides up to the minute information on new items, sales and events. To join this inworld group, free of charge, copy and paste the following into your local chat and click on the link that appears:

If you do join the free Fashioncentric inworld group, you will then have access to a treasure trove of group gifts from the many participating stores! Just head to the special Fashioncentric hideaway:
The Fashioncentric website is the ultimate guide to shopping and fashion in SL and gives you all the information you need to get the most out of the grid.  The site comprises several tabs that each serve a fantastic and specific purpose.  You can access the site via the following URL: 

Once on the page it's time to start browsing the tabs.  The 'Newness' Tab will take you to the fashioncentric blog, where designers post new releases and news. 
The 'Store Guide' Tab has a search filter with options for new or hot items and searches can be narrowed down to particular shopping districts.  This page also automatically brings up some of the top rated stores affiliated with Fashioncentric, including Purple Moon, Boudoir, Indyra Originals and lots lots more!! Beneath each store logo is its star rating and a brief description.  By clicking on the logo you will bring up customer comments and feedback for that store!

So to stay up to date with all things fashion, be sure to check out Fashioncentric.  And don't forget to do your bit! Now when you see those orange ratings boards make sure you vote for your faves. 

For more information about Fashioncentric, visit their inworld location:
Or see the website:

You can also find Fashioncentric on FaceBook:
And FlickR:

Happy shopping Fashionistas!

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